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The 3 Forces Holding You Back (And How to Fight Them)

By Craig Groeschel • September 14, 2023

What's trying to hold you back? Let’s look at three forces fighting against your growth and give you practical strategies to fight back. Read More

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5 Practical Ways to Avoid Distractions and Increase Focus

By Craig Groeschel • December 11, 2022

Which tasks you do are often more important than how many tasks you do. In this post, I share five ways to eliminate distractions and increase focus. Read More

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  • Growth

The 10 Best Books to Strengthen Your Leadership and Grow Your Organization

By Craig Groeschel • June 3, 2022

If you don't prepare for growth, you’re unintentionally preparing for decline. These 10 books will strengthen your leadership and grow your organization. Read More


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