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Becoming a Leader People Love to Follow
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4 Keys to Becoming a Leader People Love to Follow

By Craig Groeschel • August 17, 2023

In studying top leaders, I’ve found four key characteristics that set apart leaders people love to follow. Read More

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  • Team Culture
  • Leadership

3 Questions That Will Help You Write an Inspirational Vision Statement

By Craig Groeschel • September 7, 2022

The clearer your vision becomes, the easier it is to do what you’re called to do. These 3 questions will help you write an inspirational vision statement. Read More

Craig Building Culture
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The 14 Best Books on Leading People and Developing Great Culture

By Craig Groeschel • April 5, 2022

Building culture isn’t difficult, but it does take intentionality. This post contains 14 books I’ve found invaluable for leading people and developing culture. Read More


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