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Where can I find leader guides for episodes of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast?

You can find the leader guide for every regular episode of the podcast on the podcast page. Leader guides contain a short episode summary, discussion questions for you and your team, and helpful links to resources mentioned in the episode.

You can also sign up to get leader guides for new episodes delivered directly to your inbox! If you’re new to the podcast, Craig has picked out his five favorite episodes to get you plugged in. Here’s how you can watch those episodes and get the leader guides.

How can I ask Craig a question or tell a story about what I’m learning?

Craig answers leadership questions on the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast and his YouTube channel. Use the dropdown menu at the top of this page to submit your question, story, or thought about leadership.

I’d like to invite Craig to speak at an event—how can I get in contact with him?

Head back to the top of this page and select “I’d like to invite Craig to speak at my event” from the dropdown menu. You can also see where Craig will be speaking on the Events page.

I’m a church leader—where can I find out more about using Craig’s sermons and other Life.Church curriculum at my church?

Life.Church gives away almost all of the resources it creates, including sermon videos and transcripts, preaching notes, and more from Craig’s weekly messages. In addition, find kids and youth curriculum, worship songs and stems, series graphics and videos, apps you can customize to fit your ministry, and much more from Life.Church and its partners through the Life.Church Open Network. And it’s all 100% free.

On top of the free resources, you’ll also find a community of pastors and church leaders you can connect with as you seek ways to make the most out of your ministry.