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The Power to Change

Feeling stuck no matter how hard you try to make positive changes in your life? It's time to break free from trying and finally transform your life!

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You can start living the life you want through the practical, biblical, and highly doable strategies in The Power to Change.

Few things in life are more frustrating than knowing you need to change, wanting to change, and trying to change, but not changing. Craig Groeschel knows what it's like to be caught in that demoralizing cycle. That was his own story--until he discovered practical principles for experiencing lasting change. Since then, Craig has helped countless others find true change in their relationships, habits, and thoughts.

In The Power to Change, Craig helps you understand:

How God's power, not your willpower, leads to true transformation
The real reasons you do what you do
Why falling isn't failure
The power of creating small habits that lead to big change
How to choose what you want most over what you want now

A powerful blend of biblical wisdom and fascinating psychology, The Power to Change includes helpful exercises, real-life stories, and life-changing spiritual insights.

In The Power to Change Workbook, Craig reveals that it’s time to actually change by learning to master the habits that matter the most. In each section of this workbook, you will gain practical tools that will help you:

Evaluate how you think of yourself and your view of God
Learn the value of training over just trying harder
Discover why habits, rather than hope, lead to lasting change
Employ the reap-sow principle to change the trajectory of your future
Recognize God’s power as the true catalyst for lasting life change

Whether you are trying to lose weight, breathe new life into your marriage, read the Bible more, get out of debt, or give up an addiction, Craig's step-by-step, time-tested strategies will equip you to start living the life God wants for you.

In The Power to Change 4-part video workshop, Craig will coach you on identifying the areas you want to change, help you create small habits that lead to the big results you want, and encourage you in making a change that lasts.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, breathe new life into your marriage, or give up an addiction, this book will equip you to start living the life God wants for you.

Craig Groeschel makes change feel possible. It isn’t easy to stop what we shouldn’t do and start what we should, but Craig serves as a compassionate guide and makes change feel accessible with simple exercises and introspective questions.

Jennie Allen
New York Times bestselling author; founder and visionary, IF: Gathering

This is the book Craig Groeschel was born to write. I felt like I was being let behind the curtain of a life lived at full throttle. Is it a roadmap to getting unstuck? Is it a manual for the kind of life you know you were designed to live? Is it an invitation to an adventure with God? Yes, a thousand times, yes!

Jon Acuff
New York Times bestselling author, Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking

I often think that when people want to change, they look to remedies and a wide range of self-help solutions. But this book points you to supernatural lasting change by pointing you to the love of our heavenly Father and power in his name. Pastor Craig does it again, writing in such a clear way how change is possible because of God’s power in us, not our own.

Sadie Robertson Huff
author; speaker; founder, Live Original

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